Comfort Zones and Boot Laces

Welcome to my new website. I’m really excited about the redesign. A fresh start for a new year. I had the opportunity to work with some really talented people and it made me realize what a pleasure it is to work with someone that enjoys what they’re doing and how lucky I’ve been to run into people like that, sometimes in unexpected ways, taking me down unexpected paths.

My website designer, Mike Parra, produced a design so clean that it convinced me to meet with a photographer for an all out photo shoot. This is from a woman that hates to have her picture taken.

To say that I was cringing with anticipation, is an understatement. Then I worked with Jason Acton, the photographer. He turned a stomach-churning activity into something fun.

Sometimes it’s not about going outside my comfort zone, as invigorating as that may be. It’s something useful and practical. One time that stands out in my mind is when I was recently buying a new pair of hiking boots for a trip to Sedona and the salesman taught me how to tie my shoes in a new way. We were chatting about hiking and I was talking about how irritating it is when I’m hiking to have to keep retying my laces.

His next words changed my hiking experience forever.

He told me that when I first cross my laces to put the left lace under the right lace. The opposite of the granny knot I had learned and that I had taught my kids. Doing this turns it into a square knot.

I tried it out and it worked. I hiked and hiked and those boot laces stayed put like I’d coated them in Super Glue. Of course I had to call my kids right away and tell them that Mom had a new way to tie their shoes. They took it well and didn’t even joke about me finally losing it.

It’s a gift to meet someone that enjoys what they’re doing and enjoys sharing their knowledge with you. I’m going to be sharing what I learn along the way and things that just tickle my sense of humor.

I’m hoping that you’ll do the same!

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